VA Clinical Medical Gas Replacement

Location: Jefferson Barracks Division Campus, Building 55, St. Louis, MO

Construction Cost: $ 2,128,955

Industria provided all labor, materials, tools, equipment, transportation, supervision, coordination, and other required services necessary for construction of the project. The work had been performed at the Jefferson Barracks Division Campus of the St Louis VA Medical Center located at 1 Jefferson Barracks Drive, St. Louis, Missouri 63125 within Clinic Building 55.

The contract scope included, but is not limited to:

  • Implementation of the Medical Center’s infection control and containment procedures. Temporary facilities and controls and protection of in-place construction. Accessing and/or opening in-place walls and ceilings of Clinic Building 55 taking care to avoid damaging or disturbing in-place piping, conduit, cabling, lighting, and other systems within. Provided qualified ANSI/ASSE certified installers, verifiers, and certifiers to perform work for replacing oxygen and medical air systems. Disconnected reusable elements of the installed oxygen and medical air piping systems such as alarm cabling and monitoring systems.
  • Removal and replacement of all piping, valves, outlets, and other non-reusable components of the oxygen and medical air piping systems and documenting interior conditions of approximately 10% of removed piping system components prior to disposing, including removal of the oxygen manifold.
  • Installed new oxygen manifold and oxygen and medical air piping, valves, and outlets in accordance with the requirements of NFPA 99 2018 and relocation of outlets in Radiology and Dental as shown in contract drawings.
  • Install an additional monitoring panel in the pipe shop of the existing Engineering/Warehouse building 57.
  • Re-connected and fully test reused elements of the existing installed system.
  • Performed inspection and tests as required by NFPA 99 and the specifications.
  • Provided certification of the replaced systems and components.
  • Performed patching, painting, and restoration of disturbed ceilings, walls, etc. and all other incidental related work necessary to complete the work of the contract documents.