Bldg. 37 PAP Infrastructure Upgrade 2

Location: Hines, IL

Construction Cost: $ 1,211,500

Interior demolition of office & restrooms, removal of bollards & ejector pump, fence & guard rail installation, landscape restoration, bollard installation, Masonry work: cut, patch and lintels for new openings, Misc. metal work: added structural steel for roof top HVAC units, aluminum railing at handicap ramp, battery charging rack assembly, steel pipe for bollards, steel lintels for masonry openings and roofing: cut and patching work for new HVAC units and plumbing vents, roof top duct support. Industria installed outdoor base mounted c/w prefab roof curb air handling unit featured 6000 CFM. The project also included interior renovation work such as installing overhead doors, glazing, plumbing, mechanical, gypsum board: framing, in wall insulation, gypsum board and finishing, Structural roof with plywood top (824) SF, Tiling, Acoustic ceilings, Flooring, Painting, Accessories, Fire protection, electrical.