Exterior Repair Building 138

Location: Captain James A. Lovell FHCC, Building 138, North Chicago, IL

Construction Cost: $ 863,545.00

The project scope was to completely repair the exterior of Building 138 FHCC. Building 138 is located at James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center in North Chicago, IL. Building 138 is a brick-clad one-story structure. The building was constructed in 1955 and is approximately 21,585 square feet of floor space. The building was experiencing deterioration in certain areas and water penetration inside the walls. The primary goal was to stop the water penetration into the walls and preserve the building’s exterior appearance and structural integrity. The project required coordination with Building users due to ongoing operations in the occupied facility.

Industria performed the following tasks to suffice the goal satisfactorily: Tuckpointing (9,764 SF), asbestos abatement, brick replacement, window replacement, sill replacement, lintel replacement, parapet roof flashing, replaced concrete stairs and railing, interior parapet roof membrane replacement.