BRL Mech & Elec Upgrades

Location: 1840 West Taylor St. Chicago, IL

Construction Cost: $ 3,333,120

Construction of a new 3600 SF mechanical penthouse built over the east side of the
building’s second floor.

New mechanical systems such as replacement Air Handling Units (AHU), glycol heat recovery system, exhaust fans, hot water preheat system, hot water reheat system, steam pressure reducing station. Replacement of existing pneumatic Temperature Controls with new DDC Control actuators and controllers as well as a new DDC Control Systems for all new mechanical systems.

Replacement of Electrical Switchgear, replacement of Electric Panels and provide new power for all new equipment. New plumbing systems such as replacement domestic water heater and new roof drains for the penthouse and new non potable water sources for the new mechanical systems. New Fire protection for the new penthouse and the existing penthouse and selected areas
of new work.