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The objective of our Quality Program for this project is to provide assurance during the various phases to ensure the work is performed in accordance with the drawings and specifications and applicable local, state, and federal standards, i.e., compliance to requirements.

A project specific Construction Quality Plan is established for each contract and is developed and updated in coordination with all members of the Project Team and Quality Control Manager. The scope of the Quality Plan is adjusted to accommodate the size and complexities of the Projects, as well as regulatory, client and our own internal requirements. The quality plan establishes the controls and responsibilities for the development, validation, and revision of formal procedures. Our executive management in conjunction with the Quality Control Manager performs periodic reviews of this Plan and related procedures and enact changes as necessary in accordance with the formal procedures.

Our Quality Control Program is based upon the Three-Phase Methodology as required by the US Army Corps of Engineers, which is the gold standard for construction Quality Control.

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“We drive projects through completion with proper planning, communication, hard work and follow-through.”

David Rambhajan
Past President & Founder