Building 4VA Exterior Envelope Repairs

Location: Captain James A. Lovell FHCC, Buidling 4, North Chicago, IL

Construction Cost: $ 6,863,000

Exterior Envelope Repairs: Industria provided all labor, material, equipment, supervision and transportation required to perform exterior envelope repairs for Bldg. 4 located at the James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center, North Chicago, IL. (Approximate Total SF: 45,000)

  • Supplemental Repairs included Brick replacement, masonry sealer, replace weeks, replace gutters/downspouts, replace louvers, replace wall vents, replace gutter flashing.
  • Repaired Foundation Cracking and replaced throughout all exterior areas where cracking was evident.
  • Replaced Exterior Roof/Parapet: Removed and replaced all low slope exterior roof and flashing throughout (except where noted in B30 Roofing) (Approximate Total SF: 25,300)
  • Shingle Replacement: Removed and replaced shingles on steep sloped roof at Bourke Hall (Approximate SF: 8000), Removed Wood/Metal Banding: Removed and replaced existing decorative white flat perimeter wood/metal banding including brick work behind banding and infill with brick or architectural precast veneer banding that had a reveal throughout original part of Building 4.
  • Replaced Damaged Lintels/Sills: Replaced all damaged concrete lintels and sills throughout, match existing, and provided new thru wall flashing throughout.
    • Replaced Headers/Flashing: Replaced all deteriorated steel headers over windows and doors throughout, match existing and provided new thru wall flashing throughout. Quantity – 360.
  • Replaced Terracotta Parapet: Replaced all terracotta parapet cap and flashing throughout, match existing on original
  • Replaced Windows: Replaced all windows, window components and match to the historic integrity throughout
  • Removed and Replaced Porch: Removed and replaced North front Porch footings, walls and steps throughout, match existing.