Lovell FHCC- Replace HVAC in Transitional Homes

Location: Captain James A. Lovell Federal Health Center in North Chicago, IL

Construction Cost: $ 156,560

Industria replaced the existing HVAC split system in four FHCC owned residential houses located at 2602, 2604, 2606 and 2608 24th street in North Chicago, IL. There were two units per homes for the upper and lower levels; Industria removed the existing HVAC systems and installed a completely new energy efficient high SEER rated system. We also performed an evaluation of the homes for adequate equipment sizing.

The material associated with the new HVAC systems was, but not limited to; furnaces, air cooled condensing units, condenser/evaporator fan with a direct drive split capacitor multispeed motor, filters, insulation, condensate drain pan to direct condensate outside of the building, a digital control panel with touchpad temperature control for heating, cooling and fan. We were also responsible for disposal of the existing system and turn over to the government all equipment identified by the government for retainage. The existing housekeeping pads was reused. Replaced ductwork where damaged for proper sealing, and for accurate TAB flow adjustments. Reused ductwork was adequately sealed and unobstructed.

The Scope of Work included but not limited to items listed:

  1. Disconnect and disposal of the old Furnace, Condenser and lines including all HVAC equipment associated with the unit.
  2. Install new HVAC units and equipment.
  3. Replace damaged ductwork and reuse the existing ductwork where possible.
  4. Install new probes, sensors, adaptors, and caps.
  5. Calibrate and balance HVAC systems and provide any training to staff.
  6. Prepare documentation for final inspection.