Design/Build Renovations to the Fisher Clinic, B.137

Location: Naval Station Great Lakes, Great Lakes, IL

Construction Cost: $ 6,492,198.00

The scope of work included demolition of the existing metal ceiling, light fixtures, and HVAC Grilles throughout the facility and replacement with new acoustical lay-in ceilings, LED light fixtures, and HVAC Grilles; Painting touchup as required; Replacement of one existing Air-Handling Unit and two Chillers including associated Control work at the Mechanical Penthouse; Test & Balance the HVAC System; Upgraded the Electrical Service to the Building and replaced all existing electrical panels; Provided new Nurse Call System; Provided new semi- recessed fire extinguisher cabinets throughout the building; Replaced exterior lay-in ceilings at Ambulance Drive Canopy and Building soffits with aluminum panel ceilings and new light fixtures.