Repair of AC-21 HVAC

Location: Jesse Brown VAMC Hospital, Chicago, IL

Construction Cost: $ 400,835

Industria provided all Management and Supervision, Labor, Equipment, Material, Supplies, etc., to Test, Troubleshoot, Service, Repair, Replace, and Re-commission to manufacture’s specification and tolerances the existing Air Handling AC-21 HAVC unit located in the Damen Building serving Nutrition & Food Services at the Jesse Brown VA Medical Center, as described in accordance with the Government’s Statement of Work, Specifications and Drawings.

SOW Included:

1. AC-21 Air Handling components

  • Adjust the alignment of the fan and pullies.
    i. Replace supply fan vibration isolators.
    ii. Replace supply fan blower housing.
    iii. Replace pullies and sheaves.
    iv. Replace fan drive belts.
  • Replace the outside air damper and actuator. Lubricate and exercise mechanism. Integrate into AHU controller and verify operation.
  • Change the AHU filters.
  • Replace the damaged air handler enclosure door hardware (hinges and handles).

2. AC-21 Hydronic distribution
3. Air duct system
4. BAS
5. Electrical Work